Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Callsign this year is SK7L.

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/SK7L Team.

Monday, 19 November 2007

QSL Card is sent.

Look out for the QSL card. It will soon arrive.

73's 7S7SEG team.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Signing off.

This 7S7SEG signing off.
The lighthouse activity resulted in 450 qsos on bands thru 80-2m, most qsos on 20m. We wish to thank every station we have had contact with. We will most certainly be back next year, we will change the callsign, 7S7 is not a good start of a callsign.

Don't forget to visit Segerstad Lighthouse on the web:

Finally we operators of 7S7SEG, SM7OHE Rolf, SM7TVC Magnus, SM7SPP Mikael and SM7TVZ Peter wish to thank Christian and Rita for letting us stay at the lighthouse.
Sorry for keeping you awake for two nights :)

/Peter TVZ

Taking down...

We are preparing our departure and has only the R7 up. The LH will be opened for the public today, thats why we are taking down the antennas from the lighthouse already.

One radio gone...

One of our rigs went belly up. The Kenwood ts450 stopped working definitely this morning, it has been trouble with it more or less during the whole operation. Well the Icom 706mkII is keeping up the good work.

Another day in paradise.

Sunrise over the Baltic Sea, calm as a mirror, also on picture is our Cushcraft R7.